Lipstick Backpacker

I’ve finally left the villa! It was tough but I’m now in Ella, a small town surrounded by mountains in the Badulla district.


There are a couple of small climbs/walks here that lead to stunning views. One is Ella Rock and the other is Little Adam’s peak. After that, there isn’t much more to see here, one or two nights would be enough. Most people take the famous scenic route from here by train to Kandy, which I am excited about doing next. And, I have a travel buddy for the 6 hour journey!

Since completing all the sights here in Ella, I’ve been having a couple of chill days. Whilst sitting around reading and drinking tea, I have also been observing the way female tourists are dressed and it’s made me think about my own appearance here as well as the safety of a solo female traveller. Many tourists are wearing the same shorts and vest tops they would on holiday in the West but as I am here alone, I’m following suit of the local women and covering up from shoulder to below the knee when out and about. Personally, I feel more comfortable and it saves on sun cream. Hello sexy tan lines. 

I am however, still rocking the bright lipsticks every day. I’m pretty determined to keep a little bit of glamour going throughout my trip but I’m also aware of the unwanted attention it could attract. At home, no matter where I go, I always pop on some lipstick, often without any other make up. It makes me feel confident, bold and I think I look like a major babe basically with very little effort. But on my own, in a country like Sri Lanka, I do feel a little self conscious as men do stare a lot and some of their views on women, in particular white women is let’s say, complicated. Sitting in a cafe or bar, local men will stare the whole time you are there and I know this is not unusual for female tourists, make-up or not. 

So I have decided I am lip-sticking to it for now but I’m going to try and pick up a fake wedding ring as although it won’t make me invincible, its something solo female travellers have found useful on some occasions. The only negative of this is that it won’t do me any good in attracting a real potential husband on my travels, but if I see any babes I’ll be sure to whip it off. 

Here’s me after my little hike up Ella Rock which was beautiful all the way from Ella train station, walking along the railway line and upwards through tea plantations and then forest. On the way down it started raining on the steep and muddy slope which made it tricky. Good job I was wearing the obvious choice in hiking shoes – ‘Flossy’ daps but thanks to a little help from one of my new yogi friends for helping to guide me down, it was totally fine and I’m so chuffed I did it. 

Would love to hear everyones comments. 

Lots of love,
Lipstick Backpacker 😉 💄❤️️

Author: Barbie Goes

In December 2016, I quit my job and London life for a spot of solo backpacking. I started this blog to share my trip along the way with family and friends. Since returning, my life has changed. I no longer feel the pressure of the expectations of a life I thought I should be living. Now, I just focus on creating the life I want, in my own time. I want to continue to share my journey, here, in the hope that it will inspire others.

8 thoughts on “Lipstick Backpacker”

  1. The Hill Country has such fabulous scenery and many more places to visit in addition to Ella – I wish I had had more time to visit other places. Your photos of the views are fantastic. Hope the food has been cheaper than the south too.
    You keep rocking the lipstick babe – you are aware of being a solo female traveller and all that it entails, you respect the culture of the country you are in – but you can still be glamorous – go girl.
    Looking forward to your next instalment.

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  2. My fave pic so far is breakfast table and lipstick on the cup…………..leaving your mark hey!
    Love the blog please keep it up, its beautifully written! xx

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  3. Wow your pictures look amazing! Like you said, it’s crazy how others dress but it’s best to keep yourself safe and if you ever feel too uncomfortable with the lippy you can scrub it off and reapply later! Lovely to read your posts keeping going barbs! Love ya xxx ❤️

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