Lost in Sri Lanka

This is the post excerpt.


Only joking mum and dad I’m not lost, but I am in Sri Lanka! I’m just 5 days into my 4 month trip starting here, then to India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia (no particular order). A few people now have suggested I blog about my trip which I guess is a good idea, even if no one reads it, apart from you mum and dad. 

For the first part of my “backpacking” trip I have cheated a bit and am staying at a really beautiful yoga retreat called Villa de Zoysa, just near Boussa which is in the Southern Province near Hikkaduwa. I wanted to ease my way in gently to travel life whilst getting my zen on. I can honestly say this place has been a bit too nice and I don’t want to leave ever. My room is perfect (apart from various unidentifiable animal noises in the night), complete with private balcony, there is a pool, it’s opposite the beach, we have some amazing food and yoga twice a day plus staff wait on us 24/7. Despite all this, it is in no way pretentious, it’s a family run vibe, the owner lives here and eats with us every day. The relaxation and security of this place make it difficult to want to venture out into the unknown but I’m just going to have to go for it if I’m going to get the real sense of adventure I signed myself up for. Eek.

Also, this part of Sri Lanka is not ideal on a backpacker budget because there are a lot of holiday tourists around. Travel on tuk tuks and buses are cheap, however,  you can get caught out with some restaurants and shops which are quite expensive and sometimes not far off what I would pay in UK. 

Regardless, it’s a beautiful, beautiful place and I’m so chuffed I came here. Check out the sexy photo of me in my new traveller style, and some other stuff.

Peace and love ✌🏼️❤️️